Our ENT Services At West Palm Breathe Free

Have you been suffering from sinus issues like congestion, sinus pressure, or pain? West Palm Breathe Free has got you covered.
Our team of board-certified ENT professionals has the knowledge and training to provide our patients with the best treatments. We have a special focus on treating allergy and sinus conditions meaning we can diagnose and treat any sinus issues.
We pride ourselves on treating our patients as people rather than just another number. We take our time working with our patients’ needs and goals to make sure that they get the exact treatment they need.
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What Can an ENT Treat?

The medical specialty of otolaryngology is also known as ENT. ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat. While this sounds rather basic, ENTs can actually treat a whole host of issues. ENTs usually treat:


Ears play a role in hearing and balance. Our physicians are experts at assessing the inner workings and anatomy of the ears. We can treat things like ear infections or structural problems. 


The nose is one of our first lines of defense for our immune system. Bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances are filtered in and out of it every day. At West Palm Breathe Free, we specialize in treating all conditions of the nose and sinuses.


Our throats help us talk, eat, breathe, and much more. Throat pain can be intense, but our team is equipped to handle most issues.

Head & Neck

The head and neck work in tandem to keep us healthy while running several bodily functions. If anything goes wrong with the head and neck, it can throw everything off. Our physicians have a great understanding of this area of the body.
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Your Symptoms May Be Worse Than You Realize
If you seem to be always suffering from sinus pain, we can help. Often, we don’t realize how much our pain is impacting our lives if we’ve been living with it for a while. Take our sinus quiz to see how bad your symptoms really are.
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What Do We Treat?

We focus on giving our patients long-term relief from their pain by utilizing minimally invasive treatments and procedures from the comfort of our office. We specialize in using these treatments to focus on allergy and sinus, but we can treat all kinds of issues. 


Allergies can be severe in the warm and humid climate of Florida. Often, people who are suffering from allergies may believe there isn’t much they can do to get long-term relief. However, we offer immunotherapy and allergy testing to give our patients relief


Commonly, sinus and allergy issues go hand and hand meaning that you will get a more comprehensive treatment approach when having both of them treated by the same doctor. We offer customized treatment plans and minimally invasive procedures to give our patients relief from painful sinus symptoms. 

Throat Disorders

Our board-certified head and neck surgeons have the knowledge and skill to diagnose and treat conditions of the throat.

Ear Disorders

Our board-certified team is uniquely equipped to handle any conditions involving the ears.

West Palm Breathe Free Has You Covered

Our team at West Palm Breathe Free can treat most conditions involving the head and neck area of the body. If you’ve been suffering from sinus, allergies, or any other conditions of the head and neck, it’s time to schedule. We will work with you to provide a treatment plan that’s unique to you.
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