Allergy Drops: A Convenient Form Of Immunotherapy

You know you suffer from allergies. You even know what allergens cause which symptoms. However, you believe that the only thing you can do is avoid your allergens and take medication to control the symptoms. Often, this task can seem impossible
However, controlling your allergies isn’t impossible as you may believe. At West Palm Breathe Free, we use immunotherapy treatments to give our patients the ability to live life the way they want and to help get their allergies under control.

How Does Immunotherapy Work?

Immunotherapy is a form of long-term allergy treatment that retrains your body and immune system to stop reacting to the usually harmless substances that are your allergens. This is accomplished by reintroducing your body, several times a week, to a solution that contains trace amounts of your allergens. Over time, immunotherapy can lead to a reduction or elimination of symptoms.
Allergy drops work the same way allergy shots do except you place the solution under your tongue rather than getting it injected a few times a week. The drops will need to be placed under your tongue a few times a week and can work as fast as allergy injections.
The thing that makes allergy drops favorable to people with busy lives is that they can be administered by yourself. This means:
  • There is no need for shots every week
  • There are no inconvenient weekly visits to the doctor
  • You will get long-term relief from your allergies

Is One Form of Immunotherapy Treatment More Effective Than the Other?

In short, no, both forms of immunotherapy are equally effective. However, the convenience of allergy drops makes them more favorable to most people. Ultimately, we will discuss with you your overall health goals to determine the best form of immunotherapy for you but some of the conveniences of allergy drops include:

Cost Savings

The cost of allergy drops is comparable to shots. However, the savings come in the form of time and trips to the office. You will save on missed time at work, travel time, and transportation costs.


Injections may not bother you all that much, but allergy drops under the tongue will be less painful than getting two or three shots each week.

Time Convenience

The fact that allergy drops can be administered anywhere is usually the most significant factor in the decision-making process for most patients.

Get Long-Term Relief From Allergy Pain

We believe in guiding our patients to the best allergy treatment for them rather than just giving them one option. If you’re ready to get relief from your painful allergies, you should schedule with West Palm Breathe Free today.
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