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Your allergies have become unbearable and you're tired of painful sinus symptoms popping up when they aren’t wanted. You’re not alone, millions suffer from allergies every year without getting the proper treatment.
At West Palm Breathe Free, we offer extensive allergy testing and treatment. We utilize treatment plans that can help you take back your life from allergies for good. It’s time to get back to doing the things you love without having to deal with painful sinus symptoms.
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The Key to Treating Allergies Is Finding the Root Cause

Allergies truly get in the way of life, especially so if you aren’t exactly sure what causes them. Determining your allergens can help us better understand what is causing them and the best treatment options. During the testing, we will also be able to determine the severity and type of allergic reaction you suffer from.
Common allergies we test for include:
  • Common food allergens
  • Mold
  • Dust mites
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
We can test for over 50 allergens and all of our allergy tests are done by Board Certified ENT professionals. It’s crucial to have your allergies tested by an ENT for the best results.

Allergy Testing Can Be More Accurate When Performed in the ENT’s Office.

Throughout the country, there are allergy testing facilities popping up. These places are good but they may not give you the most thorough testing and treatment process that you need for the best results. Consulting your ENT for allergy testing is important because they can perform a thorough physical examination along with an in-depth allergen test.
Having a physical exam is crucial to ensuring that you get the best treatment possible because it will rule out any underlying physical conditions of the sinuses. Physical conditions of the sinuses like nasal polyps or a deviated septum can make treating allergies less effective because these blockages in the nose may still lead to sinus infections
At West Palm Breathe Free, we can rule out any conditions of the sinuses and if needed treat these conditions all while also treating your allergies.

The Allergen Testing Process

  • Getting a list of your symptoms
  • Gathering your medical history
  • Performing a physical examination of the sinuses
  • Working with you to decide which allergy testing method will work best
  • Performing the test and discussing treatment options

What Types of Testing Do We Use at West Palm Breathe Free?

We offer two main types of allergy testing at West Palm Breathe Free: Skin Prick Testing and Blood Testing. Determining which test will work for you depends on certain factors such as the type and severity of the allergy.

Skin Prick Testing

Skin prick testing is the most common version of allergen testing. It’s usually used unless the person being tested suffers from severe allergies. Skin prick testing is safe, not considered painful, and is done on the arm but can be adjusted based on personal preference.
Several allergens can be tested during one skin prick testing session and the steps include:
  • Cleaning the skin thoroughly to ensure there are no allergens already on the skin
  • Circles are drawn on the skin to show where the allergens will be tested
  • Solutions containing a tiny amount of your allergens and a control solution will be     pricked onto the skin
  • Skin reactions are monitored to diagnose the severity of allergies
After the skin is pricked, you will be monitored to see how the allergens react compared to the control prick. You will notice small bumps (“wheal”) and large areas of red discoloration (“flare”) on the prick sites. Monitoring the degree of these wheals and flares helps us to determine which allergens you're allergic to and the severity of those allergies.
Our skin prick testing method is safe, accurate, and has been around in some form for over 100 years.

Blood Testing

Not all allergens will respond well to skin prick testing. Some allergies may not respond at all while others react so severely that anaphylaxis may occur. So, if you have severe allergies or suffer from one that doesn’t react at all blood testing will be the best solution for you. Some other reasons a blood test may be suggested include:
  • A medication reaction - sometimes certain medications can interfere with an accurate skin prick test.
  • Skin conditions - skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema may also interfere with skin prick testing.
During blood testing, a small amount of blood will be taken and analyzed. Allergens will be introduced to the blood to monitor how chemicals and antibodies react.
After testing is complete, we will be able to work with you to determine the best treatment options

Allergy Treatments At West Palm Breathe Free

Our allergy treatment plans may include one or a combination of the following:


When undergoing any treatments for allergies it’s always important to practice avoiding any allergens you’re allergic to.

Allergy Medication

Sometimes, allergy medication is the best option. If your allergies won’t react to other treatments such as immunotherapy, controlling the symptoms may be your best option. While medication is good at controlling symptoms, we prefer to give our patients long-term treatment options when applicable.

Immunotherapy: Long-Term Allergy Relief

Immunotherapy is the best option for long-term relief from allergies. If your allergens are determined to be a good fit for immunotherapy, you will have two options: Allergy Drops and Allergy Shots.
Immunotherapy has been around for decades and involves retraining your immune system by introducing allergens in small doses over an extended period of time. You should see a reduction or elimination of symptoms.
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Allergy Testing at West Palm Breathe Free is Thorough

We take pride in our comprehensive allergy testing methods at West Palm Breathe Free. If you want the best results and treatment available to you, then you need to schedule allergy testing with West Palm Breathe Free today.
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